New $35k school in Beijing: BES

A new school opened yesterday in Beijing:

Beijing Enlighten School 北京致知学校

The Beijing Enlighten School (BES) is located in the heart of Chaoyang District, in close proximity to the Red Brick Museum, No.1 Art District, Wangjing, and Heli Park, with easy access by metro.

BES devotes special attention to three areas: music and the arts; social and emotional learning, art literacy and digital (ICT) competency.

They aim to nurture students who are ready for future challenges, and empower them to pursue happiness and harmony in school and in life.

RMB 218,000 to RMB 238,000 per academic year for different year groups.


China Banned Imported Textbooks Today (sort of)

From Xue Yujie at Sixth Tone:

China’s education ministry published a new set of regulations Tuesday forbidding the country’s primary and middle schools from using textbooks imported from foreign countries.

The Ministry of Education said all primary and middle schools, which together make up the country’s nine-year compulsory education period, cannot use teaching materials from overseas. The laundry list of varied instructions on the management of teaching materials spans nearly all levels of education.

During a press conference Tuesday, a ministry spokesperson said the new guidelines were introduced to “adhere to the correct political direction and value orientation.” In September 2018, the ministry had launched a one-month “comprehensive” inspection of teaching materials to keep schools from using foreign or self-published textbooks.

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Boiling The Frog: Duke and Yale in China

From the Wall Street Journal:

American universities are closely watching recent moves by China that they fear could be the beginning of a push to limit academic freedom at a time when more than a dozen have branches in the country.

Academics are studying recent charter amendments at three Chinese universities—including Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University—that place absolute adherence to Communist Party rule over academic independence.

Nothing’s happened so far. But it will.

Will American colleges really walk away entirely? Do they have any leverage?
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Just Like USA: Chinese Youth Obesity Doubles to 20%

From Xinhua:

While cooking mushrooms and leafy greens on a hot stovetop, Wu Kejian explains how to make a nutritious meal with less oil and salt for 50 students attending a nutritious catering class in the school kitchen.

When the mushrooms are tender, he turns off the flame, serves the steaming dish and invites students to taste it.

Wu is a cook at the Experimental School Affiliated to Niulanshan First Secondary School in Beijing’s Shunyi District. He and four other school cooks have been trained in nutrition to teach students how to make two nutritious dishes through the biweekly class.

The class stems from the implementation of the “Nutrition School” project in Shunyi District.

…According to the report, globally, obesity among children and adolescents continues to rise. From 2000 to 2016, the proportion of overweight children and youth (aged between 5-19) rose from one in 10 to almost one in five.

Screen time.

High And Dry: China’s Vanishing English Academies

From Ni Dandan at Sixth Tone:

On Nov. 1, the school was forced to close its doors after Turchinova was unable to resolve the company’s legal status.

This prompted anxious parents to report Turchinova to the police, fearing she planned to become the latest school operator to run away with her clients’ prepaid fees.

Ironically, the calls from the police scared Turchinova so much, she decided to drop everything and move back to her hometown of Barnaul in Western Siberia that night.

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A Regretful Non-Tiger Mom (Sort Of)

Leslie Hsu Oh writes:

When I first became a parent, I refused to be a tiger mom. My parents were proud to be labeled as tiger parents. But I was an American Born Chinese and I didn’t want to be associated with this cultural stereotype. I promised myself I would never force my children to play an instrument or pursue a career that I wanted.

…But now with college on the horizon, I suddenly feel the tiger mom inside me surfacing.

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New Policy: No Smartphones in Elementary (and possibly middle and high)

No, not in China.

In Israel.

Rabbi Peretz also said the Ministry has decided to remove smartphones from classrooms.

“We have made the decision to remove smartphones from elementary schools, and we are thinking about middle and high schools,” he said. “We did this so that the classrooms and learning areas would be free from distractions – and this will make things easier on you, the teachers. We have received excellent feedback from teachers and principals.”

I approve.