2018: 5,815 new private schools in China

From China Daily:

Private schools accounted for 35.36 percent of China’s total in 2018, latest official figures showed.

China’s private schools totaled 183,500, registering an increase of 5,815 from the previous year, according to a statistical report on China’s education development in 2018 issued by the Ministry of Education.

The total enrollment of the country’s private schools was 53.78 million in 2018, up 5.03 percent from 2017, the report said.

Statistics indicated that the number of private-run kindergartens, primary schools, junior middle schools, and high schools increased by 3.37 percent, 1.18 percent, 3.51 percent and 7.13 percent respectively compared with 2017.


My friend Erin writes:

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Limits to App-based Homework

From Xinhua:

In February, eastern China’s Zhejiang Province issued a draft regulation to ban app-based homework assignments, limit the use of electronic devices to 30 percent of total teaching time and encourage the issuing of paper homework to be completed by hand.

Zhejiang is among a bevy of Chinese provinces taking measures to help students reduce reliance on app-based homework to tackle vision problems.

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“China hands out location-tracking smartwatches”

From Karen Chiu of Abacus News:

A district government in the southern city of Guangzhou recently distributed free location-tracking smartwatches to about 17,000 students from 60 elementary schools, according to Guangzhou Daily. The aim, the government says, is to help parents supervise their children.

…Authorities maintain that participation in the scheme is voluntary. They also say that users’ personal information will be verified and stored in a database run by the police and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. More than 8,000 people are said to have signed up so far.

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