Panda Moms

Great article by Jeff Young in EdSurge:

But now, Xu and many others are questioning whether the style of parenting that stresses such rigorous and constant study is the best preparation for the world after college.

In fact, Xu says attitudes toward education are changing in China. The phrase ‘Tiger Mothers’ has been used to refer to parents who monitor children closely with high pressure to succeed.

But now, there’s a new class of parents in China who describe themselves with a softer label: Panda Moms. Xu says that means encouraging more creativity and self-exploration.
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Training Chinese Boys To Be Real Men

From the New York Times:

Tang Haiyan runs his school with a clear mission in mind: He will train boys to be men.

There are many ways to be a man, of course, but the broad-shouldered Tang has a particular kind of man in mind. This man plays sports. This man conquers challenges.

“We will teach the children to play golf, go sailing and be equestrians,” said Tang, 39, “but we will never cultivate sissies.”

I don’t want to rain on their parade, but many American boys would consider sailing, golf, and equestrian as sports for sissies.
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China’s New Kindergarten Policy

On November 15, China’s government issued new rules about kindergartens.

1. Lots of new public ones seem to be on the way. From Bloomberg:

In new guidelines for the industry published late on Thursday, China’s government said it wants to build more public kindergartens. It called for public institutions to educate half of the nation’s kindergarten students by 2020.

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