40x Increase for this Chinese Online Provider

I had breakfast with Phyllis from ClassIn a few months ago. I bet she never expected this:

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), activity on ClassIn multiplied an incredible 40 times to record 1.6 million Daily Active Users (DAU) on February 4-5, marking a critical turning point in the development of online education in China.

ClassIn, the major product of online education company Empower Education Online Ltd. (EEO), is a virtual classroom and class management system for teachers rolled into one. Offering online teaching with interactive video chat for up to 1,000 students, the app supports multi-interactive teaching courseware on a computer, tablet or phone.

Up till now, it has been used for teaching children’s English, K12, language training and vocational training. However, the list of possible applications is growing fast.

The question is what happens afterwards. How much of this activity remains online?

Notably, refund rates for after-school training centers, which usually hover around 10% though were predicted to escalate dramatically once all of China realized they would be staying at home, have, on the contrary, remained steady once the shift from at-school to online learning began to kick in.

I think after-school tutoring might not go back to status quo. That’s a small pie in the USA but giant one in China.