The Premier’s Suggestion Box

China’s National Government website has an English tab.  On that, there’s a “Share your ideas with China’s Premier Li” tab. 

“Selected” comments are shown.

Here’s one:

fred dervin

Most countries in the world tend not to mix international and local students by placing them in different forms and sometimes even different courses. It is essential that international students get to spend quality time with local students.

China could make a difference by making a policy that suggests to institutions of higher education that they should make meaningful, long term and honest interaction between international students and local students part of internationalization of Chinese universities, so they can learn from each other and contribute to telling a different but good story about China today.

If international students do not spend time with Chinese students, their vision of China will be very limited and biased.

I agree with the critique. Many study abroad programs don’t actually generate much “mixing.”

Curious, I looked up “Fred Dervin.”  There is a Finnish professor by that name who publishes about Chinese education.

I just submitted my idea.  It’s to do a Race To The Top competition to lower academic pressure and get more well-rounded kids….already a government priority, but they’re pursuing it via mandates that get ignored.