Wisconsin’s Mandarin Charter

VAIS writes:

Verona Area International School (VAIS) is a public charter school within the Verona Area School District, serving a little over 110 students in Kindergarten grade 5. Our staff of 7 classroom teachers, along with 25 additional staff members, allows our school to run efficiently.

At VAIS, all kindergarten through fifth grade students spend half of their day learning in English and the other half learning in Chinese.

Our curriculum follows a thematic unit approach, thus the core content is taught through a common theme that is integrated across languages and subjects. In addition, our English teachers collaborate with our Chinese teachers to coordinate lesson plans and ensure that essential vocabulary is taught in both languages.

Chinese Language Arts
Developed for the young learner with no prior exposure to Chinese, Better Chinese: My First Chinese Words is our language arts curriculum. This curriculum allows teachers to focus on subject areas relevant to students’ everyday lives, which makes learning fun. Teachers also use Level Chinese to incorporate a Chinese-guided leveled reading system.

VAIS Visitors and Travels
VAIS partners with Wuhan Chongren Road Elementary School in Wuhan, China. This annual connection allows our students to develop the confidence and cultural empathy necessary to be global citizens. We have welcomed students from Wuhan into our homes and our school, and our school sent over 50 students and their parents to Wuhan in March, 2019, for an amazing trip of a lifetime. Many of our students had the confidence and social skills to complete a homestay.