China’s Threat To Golden Age For Western Schools

Nick Morrison questions whether a new regulation will profoundly change international schools in China, in Forbes:

China has been a happy hunting ground for Western schools in recent years, as a burgeoning middle class looks to equip their children with the qualifications to get into a Western university, as well as the skills to join a global workforce.

The last five years has seen a 64% increase in the number of students enrolled in international schools in China, which now account for 372,000 children in 857 schools.

But from next year, schools will have to select their students via a lottery, rather than being able to pick and choose from among the applicants.

The crackdown has been prompted by fears that foreign-owned schools are poaching the brightest children, according to Richard Gaskell, director of international education analysts ISC Research.

The move follows changes introduced last years requiring international schools to teach the Chinese curriculum alongside other national programs.

‘There is a backlash against the rapid increase in private schools in China, particularly from the big public schools where it’s perceived that they have been simply creaming off the best kids,’ Mr Gaskell said.

I wonder how teachers will deal with more challenging students who may have been screened out in the past.