My friend Erin writes:

C is a tutor with Cambly.

Cambly is another virtual English tutoring platform, but isn’t just China facing – people from all ages from all over the world use it.

Cambly provides low cost English classes/conversation classes for students all around the world with a heavy focus on conversation, to facilitate global connections.

I asked my C about her tutoring experience.

Q: What does a Cambly tutoring session look like?

Depends on what the student wants – no guides, suggestions if you want something more structured.   95% of the time it’s just a conversation.

For example:

What did you do today?

What is your job?

Sometimes I facilitated a conversation, sometimes they would be like, today I want to talk about my job, today I want to talk about holidays…

A lot of the students were really shy, I had to make up the questions, prompt them to respond

Q: What are the demographics/profiles of the customer?

All over the world – Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Cambodia, Turkey… a lot of men from middle east – more men than woman, believe more of a higher class

It ranged from rich middle eastern men to Brazilian families with bad internet connection

Huge range of geographies, type of people you were calling

Q: Training and Curriculum?

No training or curriculum – the main point of Cambly is conversation – people would call me, we’d talk.

Made a short video about myself, my experience, was accepted onto the platform and then I could be called by students.

Aren’t looking for super highly trained teachers, just people with some experience, who can facilitate a conversation.

Q: Any Feedback?

No formal way of feedback. Rating from our students, like uber.  Can see if we have a high or a low rating, but can’t see why.

Also a professional network on facebook – people will post on there for advice, suggestions.

No higher ups telling us what to do better and how, professional development was around community of teachers that worked for the app.

Q: Do you still do it or did you stop, if so, why?

I stopped b/c of full time position. Only $10/hour. Good to do on the side for extra cash. Fun for extra cash, to meet people from all over the world, learning about their lives. Super diverse, never know who you are going to get. My mom does it too, she’s retired, likes talking to people from all over the world.