Limits to App-based Homework

From Xinhua:

In February, eastern China’s Zhejiang Province issued a draft regulation to ban app-based homework assignments, limit the use of electronic devices to 30 percent of total teaching time and encourage the issuing of paper homework to be completed by hand.

Zhejiang is among a bevy of Chinese provinces taking measures to help students reduce reliance on app-based homework to tackle vision problems.

American school officials are concerned too but I haven’t seen much government regulation.

In eastern China’s Fujian Province, the local government requires schools to strictly control the assignment of homework through educational apps. The daily time of doing electronic homework for junior and senior middle school students should be no more than 20 minutes.

…Wang said that where she lives in Xi’an primary schools also required the reduction or elimination of web-based homework for the summer holiday and encouraged more sports activities and parent-children interaction.

“The homework goes offline, aiming to train children’s problem-solving abilities and help them cultivate good habits. It is undoubtedly more popular,” Wang said.

I’ve noticed a cultural difference in concern over screen time:

American articles describe fear that it hinders child development.

Chinese articles describe fear that it worsens eyesight.

When her son was in first grade, she installed various apps on her phone, such as English dubbing, math operation and essay writing. “However, my kid was addicted to the screen, which affected his eyesight,” she said.