Robots “health check” pre-schoolers each day

Another example of Chinese schools embracing technology that, at least right now, probably wouldn’t be accepted in American schools.

It should therefore come as little or no surprise that the country has installed health-checking robots at more than 2,000 preschools across China.

Kids between the ages of 2 and 6 must report to this Walklake robot

every morning and display their eyes, throats, and hands. The robot uses cameras and an infrared thermometer to look for signs of possible disease, ranging from red eyes or a sore throat to blisters and fevers.

It can reportedly carry out these smart health checks in just 3 seconds: far more rapidly than a human physician would be able to greet a patient, let alone check them over for everything from conjunctivitis to hand, foot, and mouth disease.

In terms of privacy, I wonder if China and USA are very culturally different, or if they’re just a few years ahead of us in accepting things.

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