Stay or Go?

Laurie Chen writes:

Caught in a geopolitical tug of war between China and the US as job opportunities for them dwindle in both countries, Chinese science students at American universities are wrestling with a dilemma: should they stay, or go?

At the moment, job opportunities in both countries have some challenges — the Chinese economy, versus the USA political/visa mood.

Forty-two per cent of Chinese international students who took part in a 2018 survey conducted by Indiana’s Purdue University said their impressions of the US had become more negative. When the survey was conducted in 2016, the number of students saying the same thing was 29 per cent.

One thing that I think would be good for both countries: amplify the truth that Americans like and admire Chinese culture. It’s possible to both think extremely highly of the people/culture, even as Americans support their homeland as USA-China political/diplomatic/economic/freedom/military tensions rise in coming years. “It’s not personal.”

Put it this way. If people didn’t have i-phones, and instead measured their impressions of the USA solely based on personal interactions, I doubt the 29% would be rising.

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