Motivation And Chinese Students

1. From What’s On Weibo:

The director of the Anhui school, Mister Sun (孙), told reporters: “In the past, the school always awarded its best students with pencils and notebooks. But nowadays, every household has enough stationery.

So we came up with the idea to award our students with pork meat instead.”

2. In unrelated news, from SMCP:

Thirteen and 14-year-olds at Hangzhou No 3 Middle School in Zhejiang province weighed themselves on Monday before the country’s biggest holiday, the Qianjiang Evening News reported on Tuesday.

If they put on more than 2kg (4lb) over the Spring Festival they will be made to go for a run every day of the next term.

3. I would have thought that degree of punishment would more fitting for this crime.

At my alma mater, Duke, an ass’t professor got in trouble for an email asking Chinese students to speak in English. Tons of international coverage; see here and here.

The apology was not enough? A resignation? Has anyone even done the follow-up to ask the Chinese grad students at Duke if they thought this was appropriate?

4. And finally, I would love to see an empirical study on this:

A total of 700 science and technology museums had been built by the end of 2018 at middle schools throughout rural China, providing better access to science and technology for three million students, Science and Technology Daily reported on 24 December.

The programme was launched in August 2012 by the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology Museums in China, aimed at arousing more interest in science and technology among teenagers living in central and western regions of China.

I’d bet the under on “scientists generated” this way.

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