Housekeeping 2

Hi there,

This is a personal house-keeping note, for me. I’m organizing the 60 blogs I wrote so far.

For now, as of December 2018, I’m just sharing thoughts on parents, teachers, new schools, and “other.” See below. It’s mostly for my own use, with a few friends reading too.

Once I find the right partner with whom to start a school in China, I’ll shift to telling that story.

Best wishes,

1. About Parents

Five stories (grandparents and parents)

Parents in China

Gaokao or SAT?

Panda Mom

When Are You Proud As A Parent?

Pondering Parents

Persuading Parents: Relationships or Results?

Limiting Screen Time

Limiting Video Games

Strict vs. Nurturing

Prisoner’s Dilemma

Great Moments

My Favorite Parenting Books

Nurture Assumption


2. About Kindergartens (Preschools) In China

Kindergartens in China

New Kindergarten in China

New Kinder Part 2

Kindergarten/Preschool research

MindChamps Grows In China

China’s New Kindergarten Policy

Children’s Museums: 3 Puzzles

SEL curriculum

Bribery in preschool


3. About New Grade 1-12 Schools In China

Comparing schools in China and America

Six Graphs

Typical public schools in China, Part 1

Typical public schools in China, Part 2

Why is English required

245,000 now attend

Four types of Chinese Int’l schools – explained

Struggle to maintain standards

Are Most Of The New Chinese Schools Basically The Same Model?

Moonshot Academy

Five New Schools In China

Training Chinese Boys To Be Real Men

Learn More: Gobble Lunch in 10 Minutes?

Confucian Schools

Project based learning

Whittle‘s Lesson on Local Power in DC


4. About Teachers

American Teachers in China

Why do teachers leave?

Curriculum As A Service?

High Expectations Mantra

Travel Advisory

Black In China


Deported Teachers

Teacher turnover

Where to live in China

5. About Chinese students in USA

Getting into Harvard

Admission to college

Is the Golden Age of Chinese Studying Abroad at an End?

Musings (about Chinese students in US colleges).

Visa Problems At Georgetown Day

New Chinese boarding school in Massachusetts

Isolated in Canadian Universities

Presidential Remarks

8-year-old Chinese American who desegregated

Trade negotiation


Stay or Go


6. Startups In China

3 Thoughts On Business In China

Why Did WeChat Fail In India?

Joining A Startup

Word of Mouth


7. Governments, Philanthropists, and Schools

Chinese “Charter” Schools in Ming Dynasty

Shenzhen: “Charter City”

Ah, The Regulators

Why Do Philanthropists Struggle in K-12?

Bezos and Ma

New Law: Less Homework

Schools for Migrants

Who takes the tests

Special education / autistic kids

Two sessions


8. Improving Schools

How will Chinese schools improve?

Schools and September

When It All Goes Wrong

Improving By Doing

Improving By Doing (“Answers”)

12 year old school founders?

Principal Leadership Styles

Motivation (and food)

Brain Scans

Dancing Principal

Intended vs Real Curriculum

Rethinking PD in China

Tracking Chips in Uniforms

Ed Tech failure

Robot health check


9. Other Stuff

My Beer With Wesley

Big Night (Product Market Fit)

Thoughts from Shenzhen

Do Advanced Kids Get Shafted?

Sudden Shift

Ugandan Mandarin