Is the Golden Age of Chinese Studying Abroad at an End?

Great essay by Joe Barnes, the founder of Oxford Elite Education in Beijing, has this title.

Barnes describes how Australia, UK, and US universities may limit visas for students from China.

1. “At an end” seems like typical headline writer overreach. But is, say, a 25% reduction plausible?

2. Yesterday I blogged how my Chinese friend Wesley suggested that new Chinese schools will fail because they so massively over-promise Ivy admissions. I wonder if a cut to visas would support or undercut Wesley’s thesis. It would at least give an excuse for school founders to tell parents…”Well they cut the visas.”

3. The political dynamic in each of the 3 countries is, so far, that the conservatives are more likely to see China as a threat.

Universities in all 3 countries are staffed overwhelmingly by liberals.

There’s a second political dynamic that nobody is discussing. In the USA at least, there’s a growing desire among conservatives to pull support from universities. One way to strike would be precisely limiting visas, thereby cutting off “earned” revenue (tuition) without any formal changes to appropriations.

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