Big Night

Setting: an Italian restaurant in NYC. I say it’s 50% likely you’ll like this clip (4 minutes) enough to make Big Night your next rental.

Relevance to schools?

The clip masterfully explains the challenge of teachers and school leaders (chefs), who, like Primo, don’t want to give parents (customers) what parents think they want.

Instead, the chef/educator wants to give parents something special, which exceeds their expectations (if they’ll just be patient enough to try it).

Like this (2 delightful minutes).

As a business matter, sometimes that works. Break the mold. Surprise and delight the parents. They’ll tell others. A line out the door.

And often it fails. Getting that first cohort to “try it” – to “Cross the chasm” in MBA parlance – is tough.

Recipe here. (I’m looking at you, Ann S).

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