4 types of Chinese Int’l schools – explained

From SI News:

Relocate magazine reports that the latest forecasts for the number of students at English international schools in China will grow from 475,000 in September 2017 to 881,000 in 2022.

Where will those kids end up?

1. Expat schools – Chinese kids not allowed – just imagine a typical stuffy British prep school transported 5,000 miles away.

2. Joint ventures – that is what I hope to do – the Chinese partner does the “business side” and the expat does the teaching and learning. Limited to high school and college.

3. Bilingual schools – often half taught in English, sometimes with “parallel” faculties of Chinese and expat teachers.

4. “International Track” in public schools (parents pay for this, so in that way different than, say, the I.B. track in a suburban US school).

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