I’m More Worried About the Fraying US-China Relationship than Corona Virus

I’m just an educator who likes the puzzle of how to teach better.

I became interested in Chinese schools in 2018, invited to see a few schools there. Of course I was aware of diplomatic tensions between the USA and China. Harvard’s grand scholar of international relations, Graham Allison, had published his book just a year prior, the Thucydides Trap:
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40x Increase for this Chinese Online Provider

I had breakfast with Phyllis from ClassIn a few months ago. I bet she never expected this:

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), activity on ClassIn multiplied an incredible 40 times to record 1.6 million Daily Active Users (DAU) on February 4-5, marking a critical turning point in the development of online education in China.
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Via the wonderful Joanne Jacobs, I discovered this interview with Martha Franks, who has a new book about teaching in China.

It’s called: Books Without Borders: Homer, Aeschylus, Galileo, Melville and Madison Go to China.

The interview is conducted by “Lois Lane.”

Q: What sorts of ancient Western concepts did the Chinese students relate to, and which were mystifying to them?

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